War of the Burning Sky

Captains Log, Stardate... Wait, Wrong Century
Adventure Log for 2014/1/11

I’m going to give keeping session logs on this site a try, as Roll20 doesn’t really have anything dedicated to such.

So, I think it’s safe to say our first session actually went pretty good! We have a pretty good pool of experience to work with and I think it shouldn’t take too long for everyone to get up to speed with 4e and things should move more smoothly as time goes on. It actually went pretty smoothly as it was. Here’s some notes on what we did for posterity:

  • Did some wrestling with Roll20’s built in voice chat (this has been addressed, we’ll be moving to Ventrillo)
  • I forgot to turn off my space squirrel voice
  • Introduced ourselves and our initial character concepts
  • Threatened to toss the Gnome
  • Short discussion on session timing, length etc
  • Started a small practice dungeon/encounter
  • Threatened to toss the Gnome
  • Killed some kobolds
  • Killed two spooky ghosts with an invulnerability/healing mechanic (still super happy how that worked out)
  • Got tossed by the Gnome
  • Talked about Character Sheet consolidation here on Obsidian Portal

So overall, a great way to start out a new campaign and meet some new friends!


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